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My name is Ula Basińska and I have been painting for as long as I can remember. I live with my family in a small valley by the foot of the mountains of the Andean Patagonia, on the banks of the Rio Azul river. I really treasure the feeling of being part of nature....of being nourished by its majestic calm. My artwork reflects a constant amazement towards the miracles of the Earth that surrounds me. I use watercolor in my paintings. It fascinates me as it’s alive and unpredictable and at the same time, light and subtle. Sometimes I combine watercolor with digital editing in order to create negatives that look like nocturnal versions of daylight paintings. I like to keep and watch both versions, contemplating the light and the shadow of a same reality.

I was born in 1988 in Warsaw, Poland. My childhood eyes were soaked with organic forms of polish folk art. I used to watch those forms fascinated, while I walked beside my parents on endless adventures through wild landscapes of mountains, lakes and forests. I have always liked

to contemplate the languages of nature embedded in the art of the people who live in close relationship with the Earth. I spent several years traveling around Asia searching for Divinity within the art and rituals of different ethnic groups. 

In 2014, I graduated from WAPW (Wydział Architektury Politechniki Warszawskiej) as an architect and decided to immerse myself in my real passion: nature and art. It was then when I headed to Latin America, starting a long trip to explore its diverse landscapes and cultures. A few years ago I arrived in La Comarca Andina, the Andean Region located in the south of Argentina. I immediately felt in love with its land and its air and soon began to take roots. I learn from people to take care of plants and from plants to take care of people. I work as an illustrator and designer. Painting is my way to celebrate the colors of the miraculous.

fot. Paulina Henao


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